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Pentax 'K' MC Zenitar 2.8/16 FISH-EYE Lens


Киев, Украина, Красногорск, Лыткарино, фотообъектив линза Объектив Рыбий глаз Зенитар 2,8.16 для фотоаппарат, камера, фотокамера Зенит Практика Пентакс Kiev Ukraine, KMZ, Krasnogorsk,manufacture Krasnogorsk mechanical factory russian, MC Zenitar Fish eye Fisheye lens 2.8/16mm 2,8 16 mm for camera Pentax , M42 Zenit mount lens

Technical information
Focal length Aperture range Elements/ groups Aperture type Filter diameter Distance from Mount
16 2,8-22 10/7 Auto Ø 26,5mm 0,3m Pentax
General information
Manufacturer Russian-KMZ


Serial number --- MC Zenitar super wide angle lens gives one the possibility of obtaining original photos and provides unique creative possibilities for artistic photography. The name of the "Fish Eye" the lens has obtained due to the fact that fishes in water in such a way watch objects (situated ashore) and exactly at the angle of 180°. The 10-components construction of the lenses with little dimensions and light weight guarantees the excellent quality of the image and color rendering and great depth of field, and ensures the high quality of the image.
UV-1, Y-1.4x, YG-2x, R-8x  filters
Front lens cap
Rear cap (M42)
M42 Lens to ContaxF adapter
User Manual for MC Zenitar 2.8/16 FISH-EYE Lens.
Please click here to see photos taken with Zenitar 2.8/16 mm Fisheye

Years of production ---
Year of release 2011
Covering of the body Black
Condition New


Price: sold


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