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Nikon MC Mir-20N 3.5/20 Lens


Киев, Украина, Арсенал, завод фотообъектив линза Объектив широкоугольный широкоугольник МС Мир Н 3.5 20мм 20 мм для фотоаппарат, камера, фотокамера цифра цифровая цифровой Никон Kiev Ukraine, manufacture Arsenal mechanical factory, Manual camera Nikon mount MC Mir 3,5/20 3.5/20 20mm Lens

Technical information
Focal length Aperture range Elements/ groups Aperture type Filter diameter Distance from Mount
20 3,5-16 *** Auto Ø 95mm 0,18m Nikon
General information
Manufacturer Ukraine-Arsenal


Serial number 851961 MC Mir-20N 3,5/20 wide angle lens with the field of view of 94° and great definition in depth gives the possibility to emphasize different composition details of the frame during taking, as well as to demarcate the foregrounds, medium close-ups and picture background. Good colour rendering and high luminous transmittance, highlights-proof and good quality of the image across the whole field, little dimensions and light weight provide every convenience for professional and amateur short-distance photography of architectural ensembles, interiors of premises and land-scapes.
Front lens cap
Rear lens cap
Years of production ---
Year of release 1985
MC covering Yes
Condition Mint


Price: sold


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