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Zenit, Praktica, M42/Canon EOS Rubinar 5,6/500 Macro Telephoto Lens+Tourist - FL (an eyepiece attachment)


объектив телеобъектив телевик линза фотообъектив зеркальный Рубинар для камера фотоаппарат камера фотокамера Кэнон ЕОС цифровой цифровая цифра цифровик , Россия завод Оптическое стекло Лыткарино Лыткаринский завод оптического стекла, Canon EOS Digital Camera Rubinar 5,6/500 500mm 500 mm Macro Telephoto Macro mirror Lens Lytkarino manufacture factory

Technical information
Focal length Aperture range Elements/ groups Aperture type Filter diameter Distance from Mount
500 5,6 *** Constant Ø 105mm 2,2m Canon EOS
General information
Manufacturer Russia-Lytkarino


Serial number *** MC Rubinar 5,6/500 - mirror camera lenses with multy-layer anti-reflecting coating on optical surfaces are used as interchangeable for mirror cameras with 35mm format. These camera lenses are used for taking pictures of distant objects, inaccessible places on the landscape, architectural details and sportive competitions. The attachment together with a lens form a hand telescope with magnification 55x. The lens fits all Canon EOS cameras, including digital ones.

Lens Shade
Front lens cap
Rear lens cap (M42)
UV-1.4x, N-4x, O-4x filters
M42 Lens to Canon EOS adapter
Case for Lens
Case for eyepiece attachment
Manual for Lens
Manual for eyepiece attachment
User Manual for MC Rubinar Lens
Please click here to see photos taken with Rubinar 5,6/500mm Lens
Years of production  
Year of release 2004
MC covering YES
Condition NEW


Price: sold


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