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Kiev-2 Rare Camera 1949


дальномерный фотоаппарат, фотокамера, камера Киев, Украина завод Асенал Киев-2 2, very rare Kiev-2 2 1949 35mm Arsenal Ukraine manufacture factory camera

Technical information
Lens name Focal length Aperture range Distance from Shutter speeds Mount
ZK-Zorki #4902889 50 2,0-22 1,0m B.1/2-1/1250 Baj.
General information
Manufacturer Ukraine-Arsenal


Serial number 494361 Kiev 1947 - 1947. Made with original Zeiss-lkon parts. Limited production in 1947, estimated at from a few dozen to a few hundred. 'Киев' in italic script letters on front. ZK lens with 1947 date.
Kiev 1948 - 1948. Like the 1947 model, but body serial number begins with 48. ZK lens with 1948 date. Early ones still have 'Киев' in italic script letters on front. Later ones have block letters.
Kiev -1949. As 1948 model with block letter name. Body number begins with 49. About 2000 made.
Kiev-II -1950-55.35mm CRF camera, copy of Contax II. Jupiter-8 f2/50mm lens. Focal-plane shutter 1/2-1/1250, B.
Kiev-IIA - 1955-C1959. Same as the Kiev-2 with flash sync added to front. Variants: Cyrillic name only or Cyrillic and Latin.
Camera body
Take up spool
Front lens cap
Accessories for 35mm Cameras.
Years of production 1949
Year of release 1949
Covering of the body Chrome
Condition EXC+


Price: sold


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