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Zenit, M42 Screw Mount Lens to Canon EOS camera adapter with Focus AF Confirmation


Киев Украина адаптер Резьба М42 Зенит Практика объектив на камера фотоаппарат фотокамера Кэнон ЕОС Canon EOS плюс одуванчик для подтверждения фокусировки фокуса DVDTechnik dvd technik Kiev Ukraine Canon EOS Mount Adapter

General & Technical  Information
Infinity focus Yes R e m a r k s
Aperture type Manual  We realise you may find a lot of sellers offering this adapter on the auction, its price and quality being rather various. We wish you to pay attention to the fact that not all adapters for Canon EOS may accept lenses with M42 screw mount and preserve good quality of work. All adapters fit lenses with manual type of aperture. There are the lenses with aperture type "Auto", e.g. Zenitar 2.8/16 FISH-EYE Lens. For various aperture values to be set up on such lenses, the pusher should pressed up to the stopper, otherwise, it will be impossible to change aperture on Canon EOS camera, and the aperture will remain completely opened. The adapter we offer has a special stopper in its lower part, which presses on the pusher and thus allows changing aperture in lenses with aperture type auto. The adapters that lack an ability to work with all lens types have a through M42 hole. We use to check the quality of our goods before sending them to buyers.
All Canon Digital EOS Camera (including EOS 300D, 350D, 400D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 5D, D60, 1D, 1Ds, 1D Mark II, 1Ds Mark II)
Most Canon Film EOS Cameras (including EOS 3, EOS 5, EOS 300, EOS 50(E), EOS 100, EOS 500, EOS 30/33, EOS 1N(RS), EOS 1V, EOS RT, etc).
We offer discount for buyers who purchase 10 or more pieces.
Крепление М42, Зенит, Практика Объективы для Камеры Canon EOS с подтверждением фокусировки.
Weight ***
Manufacturer Ukraine-DVDTechnik
Condition New

The order of photographing with electronic chip.

   Turn on the camera mode AV and completely open a aperture.
      Rotate a ring of focussing on an objective - the camera confirms exact focus (sound, blinking)
      Close a aperture on an objective up to the necessary value - the camera will calculate endurance.
      Release the shutter.

 Порядок фотосъёмки с электронным чипом.

   Включите на камере режим AV и полностью откройте диафрагму
     Вращайте кольцо фокусировки на объективе - камера подтверждает точный фокус (пикает, моргает)
     Закройте диафрагму на объективе до нужного значения - камера рассчитает выдержку
     Спуск затвора


Price: 45$
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